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Cake House Bakery serves its customers with amazing mouth-watering fresh cream cakes which are free from eggs and 100% vegetarian. We have succeeded in providing individual slices to large fresh cream cakes for all occasions that not only look elegant but are truly complimented by a delicious taste. All our cakes are carefully hand crafted to perfection and supplied to our customers in our stylish branded boxes.

Cake House Bakery brings over a decade of wealth, knowledge and experience from the franchise and cake industry. The combination of vast experience along with high quality products ultimately drives the key to our success. Cake House Bakery started its journey when they identified a niche for high quality, fresh cream cakes at affordable prices. This gave the founder a vision that there is a huge potential for a premium brand offering top quality cakes at reasonable prices.

Once the first Cake House Bakery store opened its doors the feedback we received from our customers showed we had reached our goal. Our natural instinct was to open more stores and offer our delicious cakes to a wider geographical customer base.

Cake House Bakery offers a vast variety of cakes. These can be pre-ordered or picked up from one of our stores which have ready to go cakes on display. Our cakes are available in a range of sizes, shapes and designs to suit every occasion, and loved by everyone thanks to their unique recipe and quality of taste.

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